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a brief status report

Not much to report this week. I've been working on the device event controller in at-spi-registryd. I'm mostly finished coding, and my code compiles, but I haven't tested it. I plan on doing that once the other parts of the daemon are reworked, which I think will be my next task.

a (late) status update

I'm done actively coding the atk wrappers for the time being. I don't have anything complete for collections, but I'm not going to work on that right now since I'm not sure if we're going to implement them over dbus or on the AT side (relying on the cache). Now I'm starting to work on atk-bridge. This will allow me to start testing things, although I don't think I'll do more than test the basic infrastructure, since I don't think that I could write unit tests in a way that would be significantly less time-consuming than writing the AT-side functions that we will ultimately need to write anyway. I'll figure out what to do next once I have a version of atk-bridge that can at least set up a dbus connection and allow my other code to be called.

brief status update

I've been continuing to work on wrapping atk functionality. I'm not finished with that as I'd wanted to be. I'm not sure if I'm overly ambitious in estimating the amount of time that things will take or if I'm just being unproductive / paralyzed in indecision; probably both. I was looking at collection.c in at-spi and filed a bug for some memory leaks. I'm continuing to work on wrapping up the part that I'm working on.

a new week, a new beginning

I'm going to be posting updates at the beginning of the week to discuss what I've been doing and what I intend to do for the week, primarily for the benefit of the team at Novell and anyone else interested in following the work that we're doing (as well as for my own use, to help me look back at what I've done). I'm putting it behind a cut since most of it won't make any sense to most of my flist.

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