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ideas from a dreamy state

Growing up, I used to have a game disk called Mastery Arithmetic Games. I used to love to play them; they were fun games that encorporated math into them, so I suspect they grately helped me to learn my tables. No, they weren't really accessible to me, so my father used to help me play them. I did try to play them sometimes when he wasn't there, but I couldn't see the screen, particularly the math problems, so all I could do was to semi-randomly type in numbers, which grately reduced my ability to do well. Anyway, last night I must have been dreaming, but all I remember is thinking that I really should make a copy of this disk to preserve it (I know a way around the copy protection, although it might be illegal now under the DMCA). Disks don't last forever. They were such nice games; I'd hate for them to be lost in time. Maybe I could get it into an electronic form so that it could be run on a PC with an Apple ][ emulator like kegs. And I was thinking that maybe I could somehow make the emulator support some kind of callback to generate speech upon request for instance; then maybe some of the games could even be made somewhat accessible. When I became fully awake, though, I quickly realized that there are serious impracticalities that would prevent me from doing this; there may have been a time when it would have been practical, but this time has long passed. For one thing, I no longer have an Apple ][ and haven't for at least the last 13 years. I don't know what happened to it; it probably got thrown away in one of my family's moves. Not surprisingly, I don't own any 5-1/4-inch disks anymore, either. I don't know; perhaps I could get my hands on some if I really went looking, but it wouldn't be easy (actually, a coworker still has an Apple ][ I believe and might have some disks lying around). Most important, I no longer have the disk that I was dreaming about copying, and finding someone who does would be very hard and maybe impossible (and, if someone does, there's a good chance that they've put it into an electronic format already; otherwise the disk probably would have worn out by now). Somehow these impracticalities never entered my consciousness while I was dreaming, though.


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